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Oil painting materials, paints and supplies see exactly what you need to buy to start oil painting today
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Oil Painting Equipment / Supplies / Materials

I don't believe you need to spend much on oil painting brushes at all - (now watercolour painting is a different story) and I never spend more than a few dollars / pounds on my brushes. The photo shows the brushes I use most often and as you can also see some are quite worn out and ready for changing.

From left to right you can see small pointed rounds, 2 Riggers (long haired rounds) 1 synthetic (dark hairs) one bristle (white hair) - both do the same thing and I use them mostly for very fine detail and also whiskers.

Then I have a range of bristle flat brushes and these are my work horse brushes and the ones I use for most of my fur techniques, the brush 3rd from the right is the same type its just new and unused.

2nd from the right is a larger flat bristle brush - number 10 and I would use this one to block in a large area and also to blend areas too.

The orange haired brush far right is 1 inch wide and quite soft, I use this to blur out my backgrounds.

I use a very limited number of supplies, for all my paintings,  none of which are expensive or hard to find at all - I’m sure your pleased to hear that as so many artists now insist that you need to use their special brand of magic brushes and paints, which not surprisingly cost a lot too!


I hope you have enjoyed this brief little tutorial

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Like all artists I have amassed quite a collection of colours - how can we resist all those fantastic colours ha…

But for 99% of my paintings I end up going with the standard colours above and I find I can paint just about any animal with them.

Standard colours are - Titanium White, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cad Yellow Deep, Cad Orange, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Winsor Red, Ultramarine Blue and a Black.

I use Alkyd Oils just because they dry by the next morning, which suits my style, but other than that they behave exactly the same as standard oil paints.

I also use an odourless thinners, to wash my brushes and thin the paint when required.

Walnut Alkyd Medium, this is great to thin the paint for glazes

The canvas I use is a typical, gesso primed fine weave canvas - nothing extra special, but it is a good quality.

Some of my oil painting brushes - below

My standard set of Alkyd Oil Paints

Other Equipment Used

Check out my new video below showing all the painting supplies I personally use - including brands etc