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Wildlife Art - Tips - Questions and Answers

painting a tiger

Painting a Tiger (YouTube)

Lots of people ask me about materials, supplies etc
Below are the answers and help to some of the most common questions

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A short speed painting video, showing the basics of painting a Tiger in oil paints

A brief introduction to the stages of painting a Lion in oil paints.

How to Paint a Lion in Oils

A brief introduction to mixing colours and also how to darken them.

The basics of painting a Baby Gorilla using opaque colours

How to Mix Colours

Paint a Gorilla Baby

how to mix colors oils

Painting a Leopard - Video

Painting a Snow Leopard - Video

Preview of my African Leopard painting video - available now!

Preview of my Snow Leopard painting video - out now!

how to glaze with oils - glazing techniques

How to Glaze in Oils Video

Learn the basics of glazing in this video, as I walk you step by step through transparent / non transparent paints, glazing medium and also applying glazes to create a realistic fur texture


Now also available as a HD DOWNLOAD

Do you want to learn how to paint fur and feathers TODAY, not next week / month or year

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how to paint animals tiger painting youtube video how to paint a lion

Painting a Tiger in oil 2 (YouTube)

A short speed painting video, showing the blocking in stage of painting a Tiger in oil paints (part 2).

Paint a Lioness in Oils

The basics of painting a Lioness in oils.

Mixing Colours 2

Using the computer to find difficult to mix colours

mixing paint colors

Painting a Leopard Demo

How to Paint a Leopard

leopard painting videosnow leopard painting videohow to paint a leopardpaint a tiger cub lesson

See how I paint this Tiger cub step by step in this - Tiger cub Painting Demo

Painting a Tiger Cub Tutorial

paint a leopard furwildlife-art-dvds

Wildlife Art Videos NOW AVAILABLE!

Download and DVD’s in all regions!

Step by step tutorial showing how I paint a Leopard in alkyd oils

Painting a Leopard Tutorial


Painting in Tiger in Oils / Alkyds

Paint a Tiger

how to draw video

How to Draw

On this full length YouTube video I show you how to draw using proportional dividers and get it right 1st time

how to paint an elephant

How to Paint an Elephant - Wrinkles & Skin

Check out this new full length video showing how I paint Elephant skin


How to Paint a Snake

Have you always wanted to paint a snake? Check out my new demo

oil painting supplies equipment

Painting Supplies FREE eBook

Get my free eBook - painting supplies to learn what I use and where I buy it.

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